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Pakistani Manufacturers and Suppliers of Textiles and Clothing, made in Pakistan
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Take advantage of the PakistanTex internal Search Engine to quickly find the best Pakistani suppliers for what you are looking for.

Simply input your search terms in the box and hit the "Search Now!" button.

The database is updated weekly: you can expect even greater results returning regularly.

The PakistanTex directories are a great tool to quickly find and efficiently all the Pakistani companies dealing with a product, range of products, production or service. Get help to improve your work!

Using a popular standard interface, you may navigate through a tree-like directory, starting from top-level categories. Go down one or more levels to find the company group best profiling your needs.

SEARCH the PakistanTex Database of Companies

For better results, use exact keywords (ex.: scarves) or combinations of words (ex.: furnishing fabrics). The more precise the search terms you enter the more precise the results you get.

If no matches were found, please use more generic terms (ex.: apparel).

The search will also return directory Categories before each group of found companies. We recommend you enter such Categories to retrieve even better results.


Search in the Pakistani Database of Companies


clothing, lingerie, sportswear, hosiery, ...


apparel, neckwear, furnishing, industrial, ...


ties, scarves, socks, leather accessories, ...


linens, bedding, curtains, upholstery, ...


knitted apparel, knitted fabrics, ...


clothing, handbags, belts, luggage, ...


textile machines, weaving services, printing, ...


design and style bureaux, textile archives, software, ...


cotton, wool, man-made, melange, moulinè, fancy, ...

FOOTWEAR men's, women's and children's shoes
RAW MATERIALS fibers, dyestuffs, and other raw materials

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